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 Learning Through Music, Volume 1 $18.00  
 Learning Through Music, Volume 2 $18.00 
 Learning Through Music, Volume 3 $18.00 
 Learning Through Music, Volume 4 $18.00 
 Visual Aids Kit, Volume 1 $10.00 
 Visual Aids Kit, Volume 2 $10.00 
 SEMTAP Handbook $30.00 
 MT-SEAS $20.00 
 Songwriting for Music Therapists $20.00 
 Folk Guitar for Students With Special Learning Needs $18.00 
 Teaching Social Skills Through Scripts & Songs (Book & CD) $40.00  
 Songs from Sorrow - Songs from Joy (Book & CD) $20.00 
 CALMWAVES CD: Music-Assisted Relaxation $10.00  
 "FOR OUR LIVES" CD $10.00  
 Please add $3.60 per book or CD ordered.
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 TX residents add 8.25% sales tax   

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